Under The Water

Choregraphie par :   Silvia  SCHILL

Description :               32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juillet 2019

Musique :                    Under Water (Radio Edit) by Avec

The dance begins with the vocals

Rock Side, Shuffle Across, ¼ Turn R, ¼ Turn R, Cross, Sweep Forward
1-2        Step RF to right – weight back on LF
3&4       Cross RF far over left – small step with LF to left and cross RF far over left
5-6        ¼ Turn right around and step backwards with LF – ¼ turn right around and step right with RF (6 o’clock)
7-8        Cross LF over RF – swing RF forward in circle

Jazz Box with Cross, Side, Close, Shuffle Back
1-2        Cross RF over LF – step back with LF
3-4        Step with RF to right – cross LF over RF.
5-6        Step with RF to right – LF beside RF
7&8       Step back with RF – LF beside RF and step back with RF

Rock Back, Step, ¾ Turn R/Touch, Shuffle Forward, Rock Forward
1-2        Step back with LF – weight back on RF
3-4        Step forward with LF – ¾ turn right around on left bale and tap RF beside LF (3 o’clock)
Tag/Restart: In the 3rd and 7th lap – direction 9 o’clock/3 o’clock – stop here, dance the Tag and then start all over again
5&6       Step forward with RF – LF beside RF and step forward with RF
7-8        Step forward with LF- weight back on RF

¼ Turn L, Drag, Rock Back, Step, Pivot ¼ L, Rock Across
1-2        ¼ Turn left around and big step to left with LF – pull RF to LF (12 o’clock)
3-4        Step back with RF – weight back on LF
5-6        Step forward with RF – ¼ turn left around on both bales, weight at end on the LF (9 o’clock)
7-8        RF cross over LF – weight back on LF

Repeat to the end

Tag: Rocking Chair
1-2        Step forward with RF – weight back to LF
3-4        Step back with RF – weight back to LF

And don’t forget to smile, because dancing is fun!
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Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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