Pretty Mae

Choregraphie par :  Guylaine  BOURDAGES

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice facile, Novembre 2018

Musique :                   The Ballad Of Pretty mae By: Phil Vassar. Album: American Soul Summer (Deluxe Edition)

Intro: After the pré-intro (27 seconds), 16 counts

SECTION 1 [1-8] Syncopated Heel Grinds, Rock Step RF forward, RF beside LF, LF forward, Brush RF forward
1-2 &      Heel Grind: Right Heel Forward (pivoter ball of RF to right) (1) Recover on LF (2), RF beside LF (&)
3-4 &      Heel Grind: Left Heel Forward (pivoter ball of LF to left)(3) Recover on RF (4), LF beside RF (&)
5-6 &      RF Forward (5), Recover on LF (6), RF beside LF (&)
7-8         LF forward (7), Brush RF forward (8)

SECTION 2 [9-16] RF forward, Touch LF beside RF, Triple Step back (LRL), RF to right, Touch LF beside RF (Clap) , LF to left, hook RF behind LF (Snap Fingers)
1-2         RF forward (1), Touch ball of LF beside RF (2)
3-4         LF back (3), RF beside LF(&),LF back (4)
5-6         RF to right (5), Touch Ball of LF beside RF (6) (Clap)
7-8         LF to left, Hook RF behind left (8) (Snap Fingers to the left)

SECTION 3 [17-24] Vine to right with chassé (1/4R), Vine to left and Touch
1-2         RF to right (1), LF behind RF (2)
3&4        RF to right (3), LF beside RF (&), 1/4R RF forward (4)
5-6         LF to left (5), RF behind LF (6) (3H)
7-8         LF to left (7), Touch ball of RF beside LF (8)

SECTION 4 [25-32] Rock Step RF to right, RF beside LF, Rock Step LF to left, LF beside RF, RF Jazz Box finishing LF forward
1-2 &      RF to right (1), Recover on LF (2), RF beside LF (&)
3-4 &      LF to left (3), Recover on RF (4), LF beside RF (&)
5-8         RF cross in front of LF (5), LF back (6), RF to right (7), LF forward (8)

**2 TAGS On walls 5 & 9 Facing 12H
Rocking Chair with RF (RF forward, Recover on LF, RF back, Recover on LF)

FINAL: Make a big circle at the end of the dance when the music is slow 🙂

This choreography was specially created for the 20th anniversary of the club Kick n Clap and I dedicate it to Marie-France and Michel Simon. They are really doing a fantastic job to promote country music and dance in France.
BRAVO to you both and THANK YOU for your passion Guylaine xx

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Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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